Bufferfly Effect DAO

Part of our mission is to create a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organisation) with our community by providing a platform where holders can vote on collections of NFTs that will be purchased as part of the DAO platform. Holders will also be able to vote on future purchases, sales and profit distribution made within the DAO. The number of votes are determined by, how many Bufferfly NFTs you hold these holdings will also effects the percentage of the profit received.

More Information About the DAO

As a holder you can pitch your idea for a collection that would be worth supporting. Based on the impressions of other holders the most popular ones will be chosen by the team for the next voting period.

One voting is open for 24 hours.

You can become a member of the holder’s community by winning, purchasing, or earning a Bufferfly Effect NFT as a reward for being an active part of our community. In this exclusive community you will be notified when the next voting round is taking place. These votes are carried out on platform exclusively created for you the holders.

There are two types of votes.
The first type is when you are voting for soon to be released collections, for example if there is a project launching in a month and it has been voted for, we will commit to support the project by purchasing their NFTs.
The second type is for already released collections.

Every two weeks there is a voting held. (There are some special cases where this rule does not apply but the holders will always be kept up to date in the holder’s chat on Discord in case of events like that.)

Being a blockchain based project we commit to being transparent without purchase prices, resell prices and profit made from these endeavours. On our custom curated holder’s platform this data will be presented in an easily digestible manner.


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