Lepidoptera Galaxy

A long time ago, 10,000 gray Bufferflies lived on the Maternus Planetae in the Lepidoptera Galaxy. The resources of the Maternus were depleted over time, so in the hope of better living conditions, the Bufferflies set out to explore the other planets in their Galaxy. They were lucky: they also found ten planets where they could live on. However, a better life comes at a price: they had to adapt to the conditions of the planets, so this is why they now look like. None of Bufferfly forgot where they came from. For every 100 years, a conference is held at the Maternus Planetae to discuss past events, what triggered them, and what the consequences were. Every year, a guest from another galaxy is hosted to witness something historic. This year, this particular guest comes from the Milky Way…  

Metallum Planetae

Local Legend: Long ago, the first inhabitants of the planet were also engaged in the mining of precious metals, but there were terrible times at the time, with tiny gold and silver. The king of the planet begged the Heavens to help his people; he did whatever they could for them. Thus the Heavens are blessed with an ability: whatever he touches turns into gold. With this power, he was able to create new gold and silver deposits, so there was no cause for complaint for those who lived there. But this power was also a big curse: the king could not touch anyone, and the lack of his loved ones grinds him. One day, neither he nor his loved ones could stand it: they knew they would turn to gold or silver if they hugged each other, yet they did. A big group embrace took place, where their destiny was sealed, and the power of their love penetrated the core of the planet, turning it all into gold and silver. 

This local legend is caused that the Bufferflies they first saw were a group of golden statues waiting for new residents to come here.

Petalis Holoserica

The velvet-covered Bufferflies that live here are the fashion dictators of the galaxy. Their looks are important to them, they like to experiment with different fashion trends, and each has a unique style.  Although they respect each other and the style they represent, they still see each other as rivals. They are soft but still extravagant, already having a noble appearance thanks to the endowments of the planet. At the time, they were asking the Rainbow Bufferlies for help to make their gray velvet bodies flaunt different magical colors. By making the clothes, the Velvet Bufferflies wanted to improve the mental condition of the bufferly who left Maternus Planetae. Colors have something to say, and they poured soul into each other when their homesickness was greatest.

Teracrypto Planetae

When they moved here from Maternus, they were greeted by floating holograms and thought that instead of paper money, they would trade with it. They believe that cryptocurrencies are the currency of the future with an infinite determination. As a result, there is some rivalry with the Metallum Planetae as they sell a different kind of physical value to the inhabitants of the other planets. However, they are working closely with the people of the Calterra Planetae to make the cryptocurrency business run more smoothly.

Vitrumra Planetae

Because they work with glass, they are the Bufferflies of the galaxy who see through the others. They see their intentions, their feelings, everything. That’s why they can’t lie; they’re always honest, sometimes too much. The Bufferflies who became masters of mirror-making became mirrors themselves. They have entered a new level of knowledge of the soul, as they already know themselves so much that they are trying to help others in the form of a mirror by showing them a mirror. Sometimes they can be annoying, but they want the good.



Connterra Planetae

They are very motivated Bufferflies; they love to create and build new things. Wood Bufferflies are a bit of a cuckoo egg compared to the other building blocks Bufferfly: they lived on the planet Natura, but didn’t feel useful there, so they moved to Connterra in hopes of fulfillment. Paper Bufferflies are the quasi-leaders of the planet brigade; they always carry his notes with them, they carry them exactly on their body, which is why they have the best memory of all Bufferflies. They live together in fantastic harmony; the whole planet is full of beautiful buildings, palaces, and architectural wonders.

Murra Planetae

In the beginning, only different pots/tile products were made, while this was refined until they could also make high-quality porcelain. The planet is covered with ceramics because it protects against a parasite native to it. Because of this parasite, the Bufferflies living here also took on a ceramic or porcelain outer cover. They work closely with the inhabitants of the planet Inferno, as their products are transported there for burning out.

Duratus Planetae

The planet’s entire surface is frozen, like a colossal snowball adorned with icicles. There are also areas of acceptable temperature below the thick surface layer frozen in ice, but these are also terribly cold compared to the average. The Solana and Fluffy Bufferflies built their homes under the ice sheet’s surface. Their main export is ice, which is sorely needed on other planets, mainly in water form.  Solana and Fluffy Bufferflies look the way they do because they protect against the extreme cold that is typical of the planet. The Solana Bufferflies have grown their fur, and the Fluffy Butterflies protect themselves from the cold with their thick layer of fat. Because the entire surface of the planet is frozen, they travel on skates and skis.

Calterra Planetae

The Bufferflies living here excel in mathematics, masters of computer science, champions of logical and clear thinking. Emotions are treated contemptuously; they see no social benefit in love and devotion. That is why the development of artificial intelligence is considered the goal of their existence; their main export product also consists of it. They had seen the Bufferflies frustrated with each other so many times, and they had been so unhappy when they listened to their emotions that they found it easier if their decisions were guided by logic.  This is how they embarked on an emotionless, logical-minded path that helped develop their intelligence. Because of their emotionless lifestyle, they cannot understand the inhabitants of the Natura Planetae, but they do not confront each other but rather avoid them in a big arc.

Inferno Planetae

There are many volcanoes there; lava flows and lava fountains popping out of nowhere are common. For this reason, there are no plants on the planet because they do not survive. The Blurred Bufferfly’s face is clouded by the constant heat he had received. Its relationship with the planets Murra and Connterra are fruitful. While the inhabitants of Murra send them to burn their ceramic products, the inhabitants of Connterra take the ores extracted from their planet to the Inferno Metallurgical Factory to provide them with the raw materials needed for their construction. The inhabitants of the planet Connterra built buildings for him from the rocks on the planet in order to help the Blurred Bufferfly in terms of housing.

Natura Planetae

They proclaim the importance of happiness, peace, love. We could say they are monks of peace in the galaxy, they don’t force their views on anyone, but if anyone is interested in the subject, they’re happy to talk to them. The water of the streams flowing, the quiet rivers, the crystal clear lakes come from the planet Duratus. The Wood Bufferflies used to live with them here too, but they didn’t feel their lives were complete. That’s why they moved to Connterra to unfold, but they often return to their dear friends and plant a tree each time they visit.


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