Dear Bufferfly Community!


The team behind the Bufferfly project have been working round the clock to bring the project to life when we first started the project over 6 months ago when the NFT space was at it’s peak hype, we spent a lot of time researching the Solana and NFT ecosystem and designing the project to give maximum impact in the market.


We built what we felt was a unique real world NFT project that could help to progress the future generations of developers and create a fantastic DAO system that gave our holders the power over the project.


Unfortunately the recent market conditions and the space and the influx of 1000’s of NFT project’s and rug pulls we can no longer support or release our project fully for a number of reason.


Firstly the market conditions are no longer suitable for the project this is a big concern to the team we cannot sit by and allow people to invest into a project that potentially may cost them money in the long run and also cost us a lot more money in the long run.


As you will be aware in any business capital and cashflow are a key factor to projects and unfortunately we cannot expose ourselves or our users to market conditions that are unfavourable to the project and our users.


While we are very disappointed we could not reach the end goal we set out to we are confident that in future we will release a project that can reach it’s goals thought it will not be a NFT project.


To our holders and supporters we are truly sorry that we cannot reach the end goals of the main mint but we feel best to wind down the project in a professional manner and offer each holder a refund for the Solana they spent on the mint. Holders are free to hold the NFT’s they bought.


While this was not the outcome we hoped for all we can do is give our sincere apologies for this and hope that our honesty, hard work, and friends we made along the way will continue to follow us and what we will build in the future.


Holders of the Bufferfly NFT’s can apply for a refund in our holders group. Since most of our holders are verified holders or friends of the project we should have no problems re-paying the Solana spent on the pre-mint.

We are all truly disappointed in this outcome as we have put in so much time and effort over the 6 months only to miss the bulls eye on the final leg.


We thank you for your support and we hope you can continue to follow us and what we may have for the future.


Bufferfly Team 🥺


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